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Your homes roof is one of the most valuable and important parts of your home. Because it is such a major part of your home you need to make sure you keep your roof in the best possible condition.

This means you have to be involved in the consistent upkeep of your roof over time—checking for damage after storms, making sure no shingles are worn out, and in general doing everything you can to prolong its life. 

While you can’t prevent damage to your roof you can indeed stop small minor issues and damage from turning into bigger issues and catastrophic damage with annual roof inspections.

Preventative Roof Inspections

You can easily prevent damage on your roof from progressing and spreading into a much larger and costlier problem with early detection.

When you allow Master Remodelers Of Texas to inspect your roof for issues and damage or wear you are getting a service that comes with two very valuable benefits among others: 

Saves You Money

When we inspect your roof we know what to look for to detect the early development of problem areas that could lead to something much more damaging. If you don’t address a small problem that is found, it will most certainly turn into a bigger problem—possibly warranting a full roof replacement which can cost you thousands! With a roofing inspection from our certified roofers, you won’t end up having this problem.

Prolongs The Life Of Your Roof

When you catch issues early, the benefit extends far beyond your wallet. It also benefits the lifespan of your roof. If you let a bunch of small issues consistently build up until you are forced to address the issues—you cut the lifespan of your roof by as much as fifty percent! 

As a homeowner in Houston, you have more than your fair share of roof threatening weather cycles that can wreak havoc on roofs across the city and down to the Gulf Coast. Being on top of your roofing maintenance and health will give you more value out of your roof and keep it lasting as long as possible.

Roofing Repair Estimates

Naturally, not ALL roofing inspections we perform are preventative, sometimes we do inspections because a homeowner knows there is damage, or that the roof has come to the end of its optimal lifespan and needs to be replaced. 

“But why get an inspection then?” you might wonder.

Well, when replacing or repairing a roof; even though you already know it needs repairs or to be replaced you still need to know how much it’s going to cost BEFORE you sign off on a crew to come out and then get surprised with a bill that is much higher than you expected.

At Master Remodelers, we always require an inspection before a repair or replacement because we want you to be completely informed on exactly what we will be doing, what is needed and what the final cost will be.

We focus on the details here, so if you want to know how much your new roof or repair will cost down to the cent—your best bet is to contact us for an estimate as we thrive on our trustworthy reputation for transparency and integrity.

Roof Replacement

Roofs, if built properly with quality materials can last between 10 and 75+ years depending on what they are constructed of.  The bottom line is, roofs are meant to endure for the long haul.

However, as with any component of a home, it will not last forever and you can prolong replacement with annual inspections and fixing minor issues early—but eventually, that roof will need to be replaced.

The upside is that when that time comes and you must invest in a new roof, you are getting a brand new roof that if maintained properly should not need to be replaced for a very long time. Also, with advancements in energy efficient materials, it can help with heating and cooling and will definitely come with two more huge benefits:

Better Safety

As anything approaches the twilight of its life cycle it doesn’t perform as well as it did when it was first constructed, time wears all things and your roof is no exception. A roof that is past its life cycle, however, can be downright dangerous as it can come apart during a strong storm or even cave in from leaks.

With a brand new roof, you start over and get new strength and a clean slate for decades of performance from a quality roof from Master Remodelers. 

Increases Your Home Value

Not only is an old roof a dangerous one, but it also is likely an eyesore. Shingles bent up or missing, discolored and faded—it just makes your home look unkempt and lowers the value. Think about it, who is going to want to buy a home they will likely have to invest in a roof for just months after purchasing? 

Roof Repair

Ironically a damaged roof is actually not the costliest part of a roofing issue—the ensuing water damage is. As rain penetrates your home through a broken roof it exposes wood, drywall and floors to water it is not meant to be exposed to. This causes a host of costly problems such as:

Wood rot
Structural issues
Warped floors… and more

All of these issues bring with it their own costly consequences and even health hazards. Add that to the cost of the roof repairs itself and you have a financial setback that could have a domino effect on your finances. 

Avoid this hardship, the health hazards and the headache and have Master Remodelers inspect your annually or after major storms and make repairs as needed to avoid this pitfall. 

Master Remodelers For All Your Roofing Needs

Whether it’s an overdue inspection, a few shingles that need to be replaced, or a roof with serious damage that needs replacement—we are your Houston roofing experts and there is no job too small or large for us to handle. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!


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